Vendor Introduction

  • 15 year experience in serving innovative solutions for car dealers, groups and OEMs
  • Leading agency for data and websites for car dealers and OEMs in Germany
  • About 60% of the biggest car dealer groups work with us
  • Manage from over 80.000 cars per day with our automotive software solutions

Our portfolio

  • Fully automated vehicle data enrichment from any datasource, e.g out of IPL, EVA (Volkswagen), NEVADA (Volkswagen), Formel 1 (BMW), for best search results and best advertising on all online marketplaces / digital channels
  • Quality Picture Service: photo taking, automatic/manual picture editing, e.g. background editing, branding, watermarks, labeling
  • Leadmanagement, e-mail tracking and analysis, escalation management, auto responder
  • QR-Code technology
  • Customized marketplaces for dealers, optimized for PC, smartphone and tablet
  • CI websites and design plus individual e-commerce solutions and social media

Our references

  • PSA Austria (Peugeot and Citroen), pre owned car presentation and stock feed management
  • specialized portal, development, operation, hosting, over 1 million cars
  • /, strategic partnership in Germany and Europe
  • Gottfried Schultz Group, Fleischhauer Group, Glinicke Group etc.
  • We work with over 800 Car Dealers, Groups and OEMs in Germany and Europe

Image processing examples

Stock Feed & Picture Manager